Hotels, Hospitals, Assisted Living, University or Institutions that can benefit from this HD promotion.  

Call Today to schedule your No Cost Site Survey and to reserve your new DIRECTV HD Equipment!  317-783-0077


Starting on August 1st through December 31st of 2018, we are proud to announce we will be offering the following HD Free-to-Guest Solutions:          

     • DRE (DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels) OVER 100 HD CHANNELS IN EACH ROOM!

     • 48 channel HD Com2K Head End


THE ABOVE IS NEW EQUIPMENT-ABSOLUTELY FREE for activations August 1-December 31, 2018 through Selective Systems, Inc.

Requirements for FREE DRE Equipment: a minimum of 50 rooms and home run wiring, HD TVs with 1 open HDMI Requirements for 48 channel

Com2K Equipment: a minimum of 75 Rooms and compatible MPEG-4 Pro:Idiom TVs 


Installation will be the only expense. If you have a new property scheduled to open 4th quarter of 2018, or existing properties that meet the requirements above please contact me directly to schedule a site survey.

DIRECTV is Brand approved Free-to-Guest TV Provider for the following Brands:






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