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Starting on August 1st through December 31st of 2018, we are proud to announce we will be offering the following HD Free-to-Guest Solutions:          

     • DRE (DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels) OVER 100 HD CHANNELS IN EACH ROOM!

     • 48 channel HD Com2K Head End


THE ABOVE IS NEW EQUIPMENT-ABSOLUTELY FREE for activations August 1-December 31, 2018 through Selective Systems, Inc.

Requirements for FREE DRE Equipment: a minimum of 50 rooms and home run wiring, HD TVs with 1 open HDMI Requirements for 48 channel 

Com2K Equipment: a minimum of 75 Rooms and compatible MPEG-4 Pro:Idiom TVs 


Installation will be the only expense. If you have a new property scheduled to open 4th quarter of 2018, or existing properties that meet the requirements above please contact me directly to schedule a site survey. We are also providing a referral bonus if you know of other companies, Hotels, Hospitals, Assisted Living, University or Institutions that can benefit from this HD promotion.

DIRECTV selective systems 21 years of excellence!Whether your property is in the construction phase or already established, DIRECTV gives you the flexibility to deliver the quality entertainment your residents want, and the affordable prices your bottom line needs.  

  • DIRECTV delivers ENERGY STAR rating efficiency, adding up to big savings on your electric bill
  • Scaleable system, capable of adding channels as needed
  • No IT staff required 


Bring a more enjoyable, more manageable, and more affordable entertainment experience to your community today.

Don’t delay, call today for your FREE site survey!


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